We’re delighted to support the Berks & Bucks FA Pledge Project, the aim of which is to raise awareness of Disability Football across the region. In 2017 we started own Inclusive Football teams but did you know there are 80 other affiliated disability football teams in our region? Did you know the BOBi League is the largest Disability Football League in England?

Disability Football is our regions best kept secret but we need this to change so more players with disabilities can get involved with their local club. If you know anyone who could benefit from joining a disability football club, even if they live out of our area, show them the below directory.

By sharing the BBFA’s Disability Football Club Directory below we have completed one of 3 pledges we have committed to do as a club. You will also see this directory up at all our playing venues and we have shared this directory on all our social media platforms. As a club we are committed to offering football for all and we support the Pledge Project to help raise awareness of all Disability Football Clubs across our region.


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